How to get Free Rolling Papers in 3 Easy steps

Follow our simple guide and get your smoke on with free rolling papers mailed right to your mailbox.
As a matter of fact you can get just about anything for free online, anything you can get on Amazon that is.
Let us introduce you to a site called points2shop, here you earn points or cash by doing various tasks, filling out surveys and much much more. There are so many different ways to earn on this site that everyone has a chance.
All the points and cash you earn can then be used to get free rolling papers or other stuff from Amazon through points2shop. Yes! It really is that easy, so follow our 3 step guide and get started now.

Step One - Sign up

Click the button below and sign up
Use a valid e-mail, so you can confirm your account
A mail with a confirmation link will be sent to you.
Remember - It´s important to confim your e-mail!
Done? Go to Step Two!

Step Two - Get Points

More Points = More Paper
Earn points or cash by doing offers, filling out surveys, competing in games, watching videos, clicking banners or other small tasks.
Getting points is easy and free, so have fun.

Step Three - Get Rolling Papers

Get your free rolling paper reward
Find the papers you want on amazon and place your order on points2shop using your points.
Wait for your Free Rolling Papers to arrive in your mailbox - Enjoy :)